WEI Transload offers professional full service loading and unloading at our Poplar Rail Spur as well as storage in our warehousing and inventory facilities.  Our specialties include drill pipe and casing, frac sand, CO2, grain products and lumber products.

WEI Transload Capabilities

  • Receive trucked products and commodities and transfer to rail
  • Transfer rail products and commodities to trucks
  • Provide Truck to Truck Transfers
  • Store products in our warehouse and inventory yards
  • Pick and Pack
  • Rail loading ramps
  • Inventory Control
  • Document preparation and coordination
  • Logistics & Security

Equipment available for loading/offloading

  • Case 621F  Loader: 16,363 lb. capacity
  • Toyota Forklift:  8,500 lb. capacity
  • Toyota Forklift: 6,000 lb. capacity
  • Manitou All Terrain Forklilft: 11,000 lb. capacity
  • 2014 Octane Forklift: 17,500 lb. capacity